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Jingbang started manufacturing industrial components in 2005 and began selling metal parts to Europe and the United States in 2012.The founder (DENG) and his team deeply love the parts manufacturing work they are engaged in. Compared to the history of industrial manufacturing, we are a very young team, but we are confident that we can better apply Chinese made industrial parts to more fields.We are linked to our customers through “bolts” and “nuts”, and we are honored to serve distributors from 40 countries and customers from different industries.We will continue to use our attitude and methods to provide our customers with higher quality metal components.

We have two manufacturing factories located in Shenzhen and Sichuan .Our Shenzhen factory covers an area of 3000 square meters, mainly engaged in CNC lathe processing and CNC milling machines processing, they can quickly validate and better showcase our design to our customers.Our Sichuan factory covers an area of 15000 square meters, mainly engaged in mold development and cold heading processing,forging processing, CNC lathe processing, CNC milling machine processing, they can make the original complex product processes become simpler and more reliable.We can flexibly allocate the manufacturing site for our customers’ products according to their order requirements.

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JINGBANG various processing services can help you choose the most suitable and cost-effective customized solution

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milling turning parts service manufacturer for cnc
cnc manufacturing services

The CNC machining workshop is equipped with dozens of various machine tools such as 3/4/5 axis milling machines, carving and milling machines, and 3/5 axis machining centers. It can perform various processes such as milling, turning, turning and milling composite, wire cutting, and rounding. Advanced turning and milling composite processing technology can complete turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, carving, etc. at the same time, improving processing accuracy and efficiency

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The cold heading workshop is equipped with various equipment such as cold heading machines, tooth rolling machines, thread rolling machines, tapping machines, slotting machines, etc. The designed production capacity of cold heading blanks can reach 8 million nuts, 9 million bolts, and 18 million single molds per month. The annual comprehensive production capacity can reach 420 million pieces, and it also has supporting mold design and other cold heading processing capabilities

sheet metal fabrication
sheet metal fabrication machine
sheet metal fabrication aluminum
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The sheet metal workshop is equipped with various equipment such as laser cutting machines, bending machines, stamping machines, welding machines, riveting machines, etc. It can process thin metal sheets, including bending, shearing, stamping, welding, riveting, splicing and other processes

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casting services

The precision casting workshop is equipped with equipment such as wax injection machine, shell making machine, dewaxing machine, melting machine, shot blasting machine, polishing machine, etc., specializing in cast iron, aluminum, steel and other castings. The annual production capacity of castings can reach 10000 tons. And we have our own mold room, which can customize various types of molds separately


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Our QC testing team is equipped with tensile machines,hardness machines,2D/3D measurements,project measurements,blue light scanning, coating thickness vernier calipers,outside micrometers.hardness meters,salt spray machines,and other testing equipment to ensure the quality of our products

Advantages of JINGBANG

1.Technology and quality assurance

Relying on Germany and China, it has professional production and customization capacity

2.One stop solution

Provide product selection and design services (including drawing design)

3. After-sale service

Professional engineer team
10 minute quotation
24-hour service

4. Fast delivery

Professional import and export trade operation, fast customs clearance High quality logistics supplier with long-term cooperation

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