Non standard design is adopted for the tightening and opening of bolts and nuts,

and thematching non-standard tools are used to solve the opening and tightening

Has played a very good anti-theft effect

Hot-sale Product

Plum blossom anti-theft nut
triangular groove Safety nut
4-hole anti-theft nut
Pentagonal anti-theft Safety
Torx Safety LOCK NUT
Double Torque Safety Nuts
Cutting anti-theft nut
Sector One-way Safety Nuts
Pentagon Safety Slotted Bolt
Double Torque Bolts
Multi Tool Safety Bolts
One Way Safety Screw
4-angle Bolts With Column
Single Hole Safety Bolts
Herringbone groove bolt
Three hole Safety bolts
4-hole Safety Bolts
Double Hole Safety bolts
5 Torx Safety Bolts
Triangular Groove Safety Bolts