4-hole anti-theft nut
4-hole anti-theft nut
Plum blossom anti-theft nut
Plum blossom anti-theft nut
Cutting anti-theft nut
Cutting nut
Round washer head screw
Cross washer screw
Half round head inner torx with stud bolts
Plum blossom stud bolt
Internal plum blossom cylindrical head torx screw
Countersunk plum blossom bolt
4-hole Bolts Fastener
4-hole Safety Bolts
12 Point Bolts Fastener
12 point flange bolt
Plum blossom countersunk head screw
Flat head screw with column
Shaft Collars – Split
Shaft collar
Flexible Shaft Coupling – Jaw
Shaft Coupling
Shaft Supports – T-Shaped
Fixed installation seat
Pneumatic Components
Hydraulic valve block
synchronous wheel motor
Timing pulley
Pneumatic Components
Vacuum flapper valve
Shaft Supports
Fixed installation seat
hydraulic valves via precision cnc
Pneumatic components
Pneumatic Components
External thread connector
Solar panel hook
Solar panel hook
Solar balcony hooks
Solar roof clamp
Solar roof clamp
Solar roof clamp
Side clamp block
Middle clamp block
L-foot bracket
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Jingbang started manufacturing industrial components in 2005 and began selling metal parts to Europe and the United States in 2012.The founder (DENG) and his team deeply love the parts manufacturing work they are engaged in. Compared to the history of industrial manufacturing, we are a very young team, but we are confident that we can better apply Chinese made industrial parts to more fields.We are linked to our customers through "bolts" and "nuts", and we are honored to serve distributors from 40 countries and customers from different industries.We will continue to use our attitude and methods to provide our customers with higher quality metal components.


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