How to choose CNC machine tools

CNC generation involves various machining processes, including drilling, boring, milling, and so on. Most of them can be achieved through CNC lathes or CNC milling machines.

How to choose CNC machine tools

Another point to consider is the efficiency of the lathe itself. Over the years, CNC lathes have undergone multiple iterations. The early CNC lathes and computer CNC lathes are completely incomparable to the advanced modern CNC machine tools currently used. Modern machine tools are faster and more efficient. In the long run, this speed will make component production cheaper.

How to choose different CNC machining tools

In addition, the cost of cutting tools also affects the overall equipment cost. The material, coating, and geometric shape of the cutting tool all affect this cost. For example, hard alloy tools are harder, more resistant to high temperatures, and can withstand high-speed operation, with a cost that is much twice that of steel tools.

Why is CNC milling machines more expensive?

Due to the characteristics of more complex movable parts, milling machines are generally more expensive than lathes. The assembly, operation, and maintenance of milling machines are more difficult, but they can achieve more complex operations. Therefore, CNC milling machines are generally more expensive to operate than other machine tools.
There are different types of milling machines, each with varying levels of complexity and capability. The more shafts a milling machine has, the more expensive it becomes. Most modern CNC machine tools have three or five axes. Although a five axis machine tool can produce very complex geometric shapes more accurately and quickly (requiring shorter processing time), it is generally much more expensive than the corresponding three axis machine tool.

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