How does injection molding work?

Use a dedicated injection molding machine for injection molding. The manufacturing process is divided into the following steps:

How does injection molding work?

Step 1- Create Mold
The first step in injection molding is to create a mold. According to the specifications of the 3D model of the part, use computer-aided design and follow several injection molding guidelines to design the mold for the part to be manufactured. Then it is manufactured in two parts, usually using CNC machining. The mold is made of metal (mainly steel or aluminum).

Step 2- Injection
The separated halves of the mold are placed in the clamping unit of the injection molding machine and tightly held together through this clamping unit. Introduce raw materials into a barrel in the form of particles or small balls, and heat them in the barrel at high temperature and pressure until they melt. The material that is currently in a molten state is immediately injected into the mold cavity, filling the entire space in the mold. Then cool and solidify to form the shape of the mold.

Step 3- Demolding and Finishing
After the material is completely cooled and cured, the mold is opened by a clamping device, and the cured finished parts are ejected. Perform some post-processing operations on the completed components. These operations include removing excess materials and supporting structures, surface finishing, and necessary painting, electroplating, heat treatment, etc.

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