Main industries using CNC technology

Any industry involving component production will be directly or indirectly affected by CNC machining. The following is a list of some major industries that use CNC machining.

Main industries using CNC technology

Aerospace – Aerospace requires components with high precision and repeatability, including turbine blades in engines, tooling for making other components, and even combustion chambers used in rocket engines.

Automotive and Machine Manufacturing – The automotive industry requires the manufacturing of high-precision molds for casting components (such as engine mounts) or machining high tolerance components (such as pistons). The gantry machine can cast clay modules and is used in the design phase of automobiles.

Military Industry – The military industry uses high-precision components with strict tolerance requirements, including missile components, gun barrels, etc. All processing components in the military industry can benefit from the accuracy and speed of CNC machines.

Medical – Medical implants are usually designed to fit the shape of human organ and must be made of advanced alloys. Due to the lack of manual machines capable of generating such shapes, CNC machines have become a necessity.

Energy – The energy industry covers all engineering fields, from steam turbines to nuclear fusion and other cutting-edge technologies. The steam turbine needs high-precision turbine blades to maintain the balance in the turbine. The shape of the R&D plasma suppression cavity in nuclear fusion is very complex. It is made of advanced materials and needs the support of CNC machines.

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