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Hooks, brackets, clamps, guide rails, fasteners and other various solar panel installation components

Solar Energy Application Scenarios

Solar Panel Installation Kit

Solar Panel Hook
Solar Panel Roof Clamp
Solar Panel Rails
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Solar Conductive Sheet
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Solar Panel Installation Hook

The solar panel hook can be used to ensure the installation position and attitude of the solar bracket. They can be directly fixed on the solar bracket and used to connect it with the solar bracket, which can guarantee long-term stability and reliability.

Solar panel installation hook
Equipped with anti-theft nut hook
Stainless steel hook
Galvanized steel hook

Solar Panel Bracket

As an important part of the solar power station, the solar panel bracket carries the power generation body of the solar power station. The choice of bracket directly affects the operation safety, damage rate and construction investment of solar modules. Choosing the right solar bracket can not only reduce the project cost, but also reduce the maintenance cost in the later stage.

Solar panel base
Solar panel L-leg bracket kit
Adjustable solar panel bracket
Solar panel bracket kit

Solar Panel Guide Rail

Solar panel rail is a support structure for solar panels, it can fix solar panels and install them on the roof or on the ground, simple structure, easy installation, suitable for various types of solar panels

Carbon steel solar guide rail
Solar C-shaped steel guide rail
Aluminum alloy solar guide rail
Solar H-shaped steel guide rail

Solar Panel Clamp

The solar panel clamp is mainly used to fix the position and angle of the solar panel. The solar panel clamp has strong grip and stability, which can effectively prevent the solar panel from moving or tilting, so as to ensure the stable operation of the entire solar system.

Trapezoidal solar panel clamp kit
Stainless steel solar panel clamp
Aluminum solar panel clamp
Galvanized steel solar clamp kit

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A complete range of solar panel installation components

Solar Cable Clamp
Solar Conductive Sheet
Solar panel clamp block
Solar panel U-bolt kit
Solar panel rubber waterproof
Solar panel clamp block
Solar panel U-bolt kit
Solar panel car mount

The application scenarios of solar panels are often places with few people, such as deserts, grasslands, water surfaces, etc. Therefore, for the installation of solar modules, there are also requirements such as anti-theft and anti-corrosion.

Since the components of solar power plants are all valuable, they are easy to be patronized by thieves. Installation components, brackets, cables, copper strands, etc. are all key care objects. Using Anti-theft fasteners to install solar modules can increase the difficulty of theft. Effectively solve the problem that thieves are easy to disassemble and avoid property loss